Post 513: Authentic Greek Cuisine

21 Feb

img_2510What a nice surprise to be introduced to this “small but mighty” Greek restaurant in Richmond, VA’s south side of town, Bell Greek. I’ve always found that the measure of a good Greek restaurant is indeed how well they make their Greek-lemon-chicken soup. This was by far quite exceptional and with wonderful lemon flavors. I opted for this simple Greek salad and soup combination and for under 10.00. Worth the visit!


Post 512: Pies galore

15 Feb

img_2473A delicious way to end a 7.6 mile hike in the Shenandoah with like-minded exercise enthusiasts and pie lovers. Working up a healthy appetite should always end with such a reward. Our choice for lunch this particular day was Mrs. Rowe’s, a well-known and adored restaurant in Staunton, VA. While everything she makes is fabulous, these homemade pies are often a coveted choice. In our case, there were two favorites – this peanut butter and cocoanut cream. Divine!

Post 511: Freebies on Valentines

14 Feb

img_2503Here’s to Starbucks! What a sweet treat on Valentines Day to receive a coupon for a Free beverage of choice from one of your favorite coffee establishments! This one of their specialty items with mocha, coffee, skim, skim coffee whip topped with chocolate. Excellent way to start this day!!

Post 510: French Onion Soup

3 Feb

IMG_2461.JPGA found Epicurious recipe that is delicious — especially on a cold February night. Begin with 4 sliced onions, 2 sprigs of thyme and 2 chopped garlic in a 1/2 stick of butter until carmalized. Add 1/2 cup of Cabernet red and simmer. Add 3 T flour and cook through. Add 2 qts of beef bouillon broth, salt, pepper and a dash of worstershire.  Heat through on low. Serve and top with croutons and strings of mozzarella. Yum!

Post 509: Yummy Thai Food

22 Jan

img_2372If you’re visiting Falls Church, VA, consider this great spot, Lucky Thai. I had the chance to enjoy some take out from this yummy location and opted for this drunken noodle dish and a few fresh rolls. The noodle dish had a nice helping of peppers and spice which added to the flavors.

Post 509: A new kid on the VCU block

20 Jan

img_2367This, The Pit and Peel is a nice addition to the eateries close to the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. A friend introduced me to this one and one of their claims to fame are their smoothie bowls topped with custom fruits and toppings. Those looked amazing but I opted for this delicious turkey, avocado and hummus sandwich on fresh multi-grain. Yum!

Post 508: Healthy Greens, Fruits and Grains

19 Jan

img_2365A friend brought this to a dinner party I was hosting the other night. What an amazing creation — fresh kale, watercress, red quinoa, pomegranate seeds, blood oranges, olive oil and the squeezed juice from the oranges. Simply delicious!

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